Be Known : Confidence Coaching for Color & Style Consultants

You’ve found your passion and you are pursuing it with everything you’ve got. You just need to find a way for others to see all you have to offer. It’s time for you to shine.  I'll help you be seen and known for what you do best.

Created for Color & Style Consultants who are in need of honest advice, feedback, and a little confidence. These two-hour phone consultations are perfect for brand guidance, marketing help, and brainstorming ideas to better your business!

An introductory questionnaire will help me to learn more about you, what makes your business unique.  We'll also look at your strengths and weaknesses and your goals for your business. I’ll guide you toward building your own brand/business, sharing from my own experiences as well as the strategies of other brilliant minds.

Each module will start with your completion of a targeted questionnaire. Then we'll have a 60 minute phone call and you'll receive your homework. Once you've submitted your homework we'll have our second 60 minute phone call. My goal is to give you the confidence you need to take the next step toward your business success. I want you to feel excited and ready to take that next step so if you feel you need more than one session per module you can schedule additional sessions for the same module.


Choose from any one of the following Coaching Modules. 

  • Your unique place in the big picture of Seasonal Color Analysis What’s your story? What unique gifts do you bring to the color world? What’s your passion, what do you want to be your legacy? We’ll explore the big picture and help you find your place within it. If you are brand new to the color business this is the time and place to get clarity on what a successful color business looks like for you.  

  • Your IDC. Discover Your Ideal Clients. Who is your customer? How will they find you?  What services are they looking for? Why do they need you? What’s your unique connection to them? How will you serve them best? By defining your ideal client we’ll have all the information we need to fine tune your brand, your pricing and your marketing to best attract them. This module that will provide clarity for your marketing plan. 

  • Your Social Life Setting up your social networks and presence online can be an overwhelming task. I'll help you sort out the who, what, where and when of social media for your business. 

  • Your Brand’s Look & Feel In this module you’ll create your personal brand manifesto which will help you focus on a consistent visual message across all your digital and printed materials and ensure that it all appeals to your ideal client.  

  • Content Planning Once you've identified your Ideal Client and the social channels you will use to reach them, I'll teach you how to create a content calendar that reflects how often you'll post and what type of content you'll share that will lead to sales. 

  • Your Services and Fee Structure This can be an expensive hobby, a poor paying job, or an income-producing business. We’ll talk real time and numbers and set realistic financial goals for your business success, developing realistic services and pricing that will support you and attract your ideal client.

  • Seasonal Strength Marketing Marketing your business in a way that is authentic to you and will attract your IDC. There is no one marketing plan that works for everyone. Together we’ll create a plan that is authentic to you and your unique gifts and will allow you to feel good about both yourself and your business.

  • Virtual Services Ready to serve your clients virtually as well as in person? We’ll talk about the options that are available and which ones are a match for you and your business. 

Customized coaching services are also available on request for any needs you have that are not covered in the above modules. Contact me to discuss.

“I thought “success” meant a profound separation from oneself that takes tremendous energy and is exhausting - so I’ve always avoided it.  Since working with you I’ve discovered, success is actually powerfully effortless in that it requires I be myself in a true way. There’s work involved, but it’s fun. “I have achieved a lot since I started working with Joan. I have accomplished things I doubted I was capable of. With her guidance, it was all broken down into manageable pieces. Along the way, I felt deliciously challenged, never overwhelmed. My business is expanding, already doing 4 times what it did last year - and this year is not over. For the first time in my life, I feel confidence in my business and optimistic for what wonderful things are coming.”  

Cathy Williams

Joan Kosmachuk

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