Lovely Things My Clients have said about me...

"Consulting with Joan is entirely worth your time and money. She's thorough and discerning as she builds a personal colour palette. Twenty years ago I was pegged an autumn with another seasonal colour system, based on my red hair. Joan discovered that in fact my colouring is iridescent summer. When I saw the finished palette I couldn't believe how much I fell in love with it. Even more astonishing for me was the general description of a woman in the summer palette. I almost felt embraced by it because it so resonated with who I am."  -- Elizabeth Jukes


"What a fantastic experience! Joan helped me with my body shape and style. My autumn colour fan is amazing and I find it very helpful when I shop for clothes and accessories.Feeling smart!" -- Cheryl Cassidy

An awesome experience! Joan helped me by figuring out my colors and body shape to find the best clothes/accessories to best suit me! It is worth getting this done. Now knowing my colors, I have an easier time shopping! And I feel more beautiful wearing my colors! -- Caitlin Aplin 

I can’t go back to the colors I used to wear.  I love my colors, they make me feel happy, Even when I’m feeling stressed my colors give life to who I am.  I feel my colors support me. I’ve learned about the colors, style, fit and even types of material that most flatter my form and figure.  I’ve become very bold in what I’m wearing -- I can use the info. I’ve learned to create cool and bold outfits that flatter me" -- Mal Evans 

"Having my colors done with Joan was such fun!!! She took her time and studied my skin tone, my eyes, my teeth, hair, and pulled colours out that were harmonious with me. I am a Crystal spring!! Doesn't that sound happy.  My colours and style capture my personality, I love having fun, feeling young and spreading joy! I could not be more thrilled with my fan and love taking it with me when I go shopping- and what a difference it makes when I wear something in my color as opposed to the 'summer' colors I used to wear -- people speak up and tell me how great I am looking, that makes me smile. Thanks Joan for all the time you took to colour me Bethany ." -- Bethany Aplin

"Empowering, nurturing, encouraging and a confidence builder.  Joan celebrated who I was and how I was made and reminded me to enhance it and not put who I am under a basket."  --Nancy Jonathans

Joan Kosmachuk

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