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I've been right where you are. The key to style always seemed to elude me. I kept thinking if I could just lose a few more pounds, find the right hairstyle or buy the right outfit I would finally be seen for the beautiful and talented woman I was on the inside. Instead, as I aged I felt more and more invisible. Shopping for clothes got harder and what I did buy (to cover my perceived flaws) brought me no lasting joy. While I was gifted at bringing out the best in others, I had no idea how to shine. 

Today I have complete strangers stopping me on the street to tell me how amazing I look. I have a thriving color & style business and I coach others in my industry. So how did that happen?  

I discovered the power of Seasonal Color & Style---dressing in clothes with the colors and styles that relate to my inherent coloring, body signature and personality. This has enabled me to find an authentic expression of who I am in my clothing and to share that confidently with the world.  

My own style is pretty simple (I'm a Spring) and you won't find me in a $1500.00 designer jacket unless I snagged it at a thrift store for $30.00 (true story) but I'm not interested in making mini-me's. My goal is to focus on you and tap into the colors and styles that produce your Visual Harmony.

Certified from The StyleCore Institute and Image and Color International and a Color Specialist Member of CDI, and mentored by Cathy Williams. Cathy and I worked together up until her passing in the spring of 2019. I am carrying on her legacy using her beautifully curated color lab which allows me to offer you a very individualized color palette. 


Please have a look around my site to see all I have to offer. Sign up for my list to receive my free ebook and be sure to check out my blog for lots of great color & style tips.


I'm passionate about helping you discover your inherent beauty through Seasonal Color & Style.

I also offer Confidence Coaching for female entrepreneurs, especially those in the color business.

And I'm available to speak at your corporate office or private event and love to introduce people to the power of Visual Harmony.

My clients are my best advertisement. They’re confident in their Seasonal Colors & Style and they love to talk about how transformative their experience has been for them---whether it's a color consult, a style transformation, or a complete confidence coaching package. So take a stroll through the gallery and hear from them firsthand. 

If distance is a factor, ask me if a Virtual Color or Style Analysis will work for you.

This work is about so much more than color and style: It's about helping you to step into the amazing, unique creation you were intended to be so you can share your gifts with the world. 

So...are you ready for your own transformation? 

Ready to let your light shine? 

Let's talk -- it's time for you to step into your Seasonal Colors & Style.


The other day I was working with a client who is struggling with feeling frumpy and invisible and I could totally relate to what she was going through because it wasn't too many years ago that I was feeling exactly the same way. Read more.

Joan Kosmachuk

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