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Seasonal Color Analysis: In the Beginning

The concept of Seasonal Color Analysis began with a woman named Suzanne Caygill right here in California. As Suzanne studied nature, she observed that "All living forms in the animal and floral worlds seem part of the intricate weaving of the colorful tapestry of the universe."

Next she posed the question, "Does not this organization apply to human beings?"

To Suzanne, it seemed reasonable that each human being is also created with an individualized design, color, and form that is suitable to his or her intrinsic value and intent.

The pigments of hair, skin, and eyes are the color hallmarks for each person. This, Suzanne taught, unlocks your unique relationship to one of Nature's four color harmonies (seasons).

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Over the past 30 + years, since Suzanne first posed this theory and taught it from a Grand Salon in San Francisco, people have been trying to capitalize on it and make the theory their own. The result has been confusing. Some systems have put everyone in a box (you are a Spring, here's your pre-packaged colors) or, when that didn't work, ignore the fundamentals on which Seasonal Color Analysis was built by removing identification with the seasons altogether. And then there are those who muddy it even further by trying to mix and match both approaches.

I was first introduced to Seasonal Color Analysis in the 80's when someone put me in a box. They got the right box (I am a Spring) but most of the pre-packaged colors they handed to me were not me at all. After a few years I simply rejected my box. About 10 years ago, I thought I had found my "true colors" when a personal color analysis was done without any reference to nature whatsoever. It felt closer to me, but still, something was lacking and I could never quite put my finger on it until recently when I met a woman named Cathy Williams. She was trained by one of Suzanne's own and through her I came to a full understanding of myself in relation to the Spring Season and found not only the colors that harmonize best with me, but learned the underlying strength of making that connection.

As Suzanne puts it, "When you discover your color relationship to the universe and begin to use the energies that flow from it, you set in motion authentic personal transformation. Within you is embryonic magnificence. You may learn to release it through the use of color as your medium, as the caterpillar emerges in its total beauty from its chrysalis."

A trained Seasonal Color Analyst has studied all the seasons in-depth and can objectively help you identify both your seasonal connection and unique coloration within it. So, what are you waiting for? Isn't it time for some new self-discovery?

(All quotes are taken from Suzanne Caygill's book, "Color, The Essence of You."


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