• Joan Kosmachuk

A Jewel Tone Summer

Back in the 80's my friend, Gail was typed as a "winter" but I sensed that wasn't quite right. Once we started her analysis it became very clear that she was, in fact, a Jewel Toned Summer.

She loves her new palette but doesn't have very many of these colors in her current wardrobe so where to start?

I suggest that people start with looking for tops, blouses, sweaters etc. in the colors of hair, eyes and skin first and then add other colors as you can find them.

As you can see from this photo, all these colors reflect her natural coloring. These colors will bring out her colors and I know she's going to look just amazing wearing them.

So if you are wondering where to begin shopping with your new color fan, start with shopping for basics in your inherent colors and then build out from there.

If you haven't had your colors done yet, what are you waiting for? Book an appt. today.

Joan Kosmachuk

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