• Joan Kosmachuk

Creating a Harmonious Closet

Have you ever noticed how a photo of a basic plastic closet system can look so harmonious and inviting when the same system in your home closet resembles a jumble sale?

What's the secret all these closet system photos have in common? Well, it's a little thing called color & style harmony.

Do you see how all the colors in the photo above are harmonious with one another? The coral, peach, tan and blues all flow so beautifully together. Do you notice the simple, clean lines of the garments hanging there?

Now imagine the woman who wears this wardrobe? Can you see her sandy blonde hair, her pink-peach complexion, the little twinkle in her eye, the bounce in her step? Her effortless style?

This color & style harmony is the secret of Seasonal Color Analysis. It's not just about whether you look good in blue or yellow or green. It's about discovering your natural harmony and then adding other colors that are harmonious with you to provide you with a wardrobe of color that works in perfect harmony with itself and with you.

Then the next step (the Seasonal Identification) is key to helping you understand lines of design & clothing styles that will be harmonious with you as well.

And the end result is not just a beautiful, harmonious collection of clothes hanging in your closet, it's a beautiful, harmonious you!

Ready to tackle your wardrobe? Need some help knowing what to keep and what to donate? Give me a call and let's create some harmony in your closet!


Joan Kosmachuk

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