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How To Choose Your Optimal Necklace Lengths?

I've had a few clients ask me recently what is their optimal length for necklaces.

Ideally you want to measure from the top of your hairline to your chin (most likely between 7-9") and take note of that number. Let's say your face length is 8". Then you would measure 8" from your chin downward and this would be your ideal balance point. For most people (not all) this will usually be just at or just above your breast bone.

A 2nd balance point (for most, not all) is your collar bone.

And a 3rd balance point is taking your face measurement and doubling it. This balance point can work for longer chains and necklaces. (In our sample of 8" this would now be 16" below your chin).

Now, most often, you will be using your 1st balance point (just above your breastbone) as the starting point for your ideal neckline and you won't want your necklace to hit at the same point. Instead, you'll choose a necklace length (and shape) to fit in the space above this neckline.

For example, in the photo above, the shirt comes to the v-point just above the breast bone (1st balance point). The necklaces repeat the V-shape and sit inside the V-area at three different lengths.

The pendant on the shortest necklace is sitting just around the collar bone and because it is such a petite piece,might feel a little too short for this opening if it were the only necklace being worn.

The longest pendant is just a little above the V-opening and might look just a little long to get noticed if it were the only pendant being worn.

The necklace in the middle would be an ideal length for a solo piece, but the pendant would be too tiny for the medium scale detailing on this shirt. So, the combination of the three small pendants at three different lengths works well with this outfit. It fills in the V-shape nicely, the three small necklaces create the feeling of one medium scale piece, and because of their V-shape, they nicely echo the V-shape neckline.

And here, we see the same principal applied by Princess Kate with a single statement necklace.

One more rule, your necklace should never compete with your neckline. It should be either above or below your neckline, but never matching it.

Any other questions you have about wearing jewelry? Let me know in the comments below.


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