• Joan Kosmachuk

Some Of The Many Beautiful Faces of the Autumn Woman

There is a rich glow in the Autumn woman that demands brilliance. Autumn colors generally have a medium to dark, toasted warm quality. Like the colors of an oil painting.

When you think about women with coloring rooted in the Autumnal Season you might first think of women with red hair, like Cheryl.

Cheryl is a Metallic Autumn. She is the clear, rich toned redhead, typifying the beginning of the Autumn season when the colors first turn to brilliance.

But not all Autumn women have red hair (and for that matter, not all women with red hair are Autumns).

Jaclyn is a Lucious Autumn with an earthy, natural beauty.

Chelsea is a Mellow Autumn -- but her pigmentation also harmonizes with the spicy, tangy colors of an Eastern Autumn.

And Nancy is a Bronze Autumn. Her colors are rich, roasted, bronzed, earth tones.

Every one of these women is an Autumn, each one anchored in this glorious Season of nature, but each one having a unique Color & Style Harmony that is theirs alone.

These are just a very few of the many beautiful faces of Autumn women.

Joan Kosmachuk

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