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The Difference A Year Can Make

Yesterday I celebrated another year, a gracious gift from God that I do not take for granted. He is the one who gives breath to my lungs, puts the beat in my heart, the health in my bones, the joy in my step.

This year, I am also celebrating some good changes in my life. Some I worked hard to achieve, others were given me, but all are by God's grace.

Can I let you in on a little secret? Last January, I was feeling old and frumpy and tired. I drew a picture of myself and on it I wrote all the things that I didn't like about myself anymore. It was a long list and it wasn't pretty. But as I prayed over that paper, the light dawned and I realized that there was nothing I'd written that I didn't have the power to change.

I started by making appointments with my doctor and my dentist -- there were health issues, things I was putting up with that needed to be addressed.

I started to change the way I shopped, cooked and ate. Nothing novel, just making healthier choices.

I also started a style course with Carla Matthis and I started to make some small but significant changes in the way I wore my make-up and my hair. I learned about contrast and fit and body particulars and how to dress them.

Then I met Cathy Williams, Seasonal Color Consultants, and I discovered my connection to the Spring Season and the colors that best harmonized with me. I learned that when it comes to style, my main focus word is "refreshing."

Then I took some training in Color Harmony with Color Design International and received some more of the tools I needed to begin helping others find their unique Seasonal Color Harmony. I love showing women how beautiful they are and how to revel in their God-given harmony every day.

So here I am, another year older but healthier. A few pounds lighter, the hair a little longer and the smile a little brighter.

The colors are much lighter and more refreshing.

In short, I'm much, much happier with how I look and feel. Others have noticed it too, and it feels good to get compliments - even from strangers.

Connecting to your Seasonal Color Harmony and your Seasonal Style is one of the best ways I know to begin your own style transformation. What are you waiting for?

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