• Joan Kosmachuk

How To Create Head-to-Toe Color Balance In Your Outfits

My goal, as your Seasonal Color & Style Consultant, is to draw the eye to your face first, your outfit second. We achieve that goal by creating head-to-toe color balance in an outfit.

In my last post I shared the easiest way to achieve that balance. Simply wear shoes that relate to your hair color and the eye will be automatically drawn back to your face.

But what if you want to wear shoes that don't match your hair color?

Well, there are a three simple ways to achieve that head to toe color balance when wearing a shoe that is not related to your hair or skin.

#1. Wear a top or jacket in the same color as your shoes.

# 2. Wear an accessory close to your face that matches your shoe color.

# 3. Repeat the shoe color in a series of smaller touches near your face such as a pattern on a shirt, a matching lip color plus earrings & a necklace.

And if you still need convincing, Look at these examples of outfits that have not followed these guidelines. What draws your eye?

Remember to always choose a shoe color from your Seasonal Color Palette to ensure a balanced and harmonious look that puts all the focus on YOU!


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