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How to Create Head-to-Toe Color Balance in an Outfit -- Men's Edition

My goal, as your Seasonal Color & Style Consultant, is to draw the eye to your face first, your outfit second. We achieve that goal by creating head-to-toe color balance in an outfit. Today, men, we are looking at you!

Men, here's the easiest way to achieve that balance. Simply wear shoes that relate to your hair color and the eye will be automatically drawn back to your face.

As you can see in the photos above, this creates instant color balance in your outfit drawing our eye from head to toe and back up to your face. So make sure you have shoes, boots, even sandals to match your hair color for a quick and easy way to create color balance in any outfit.

But what if you want to wear shoes that don't match your hair color? Follow this one simple rule you'll be all set.

#1 Rule - Repeat your shoe color in clothing or accessories worn close to your face. Wear a shirt, jacket, tie or hat in a color that relates to your shoes.

Still need convincing? Look at the three men below.

The two men on either side of the trio above are lacking color balance in their outfits. Our eyes travel down to the white shoes and there they stop.

But the middle man's white tennis shoes are related to his white t-shirt. This creates an overall color balance that draws our eye to his face.

A scarf, a tie, even a ball cap that matches your shoe color will balance your outfit.

And remember, men, to always choose a shoe color from your Seasonal Color Palette to ensure a balanced and harmonious look that puts all the focus on YOU!



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