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Does your Closet Need a Make-over?

Instead of thinking about your closet as a giant storage box, think of it as your personal fashion boutique.

Everything in your boutique should be the “perfect” size, shape, Seasonal Color & Line of Design for you. All the clothes in your closet should reflect your unique Seasonal Style. They should be clean and in good condition and ready to wear.

And shoes and accessories should be easily seen and easily accessed as well.

Does that sound like a pipe dream?

Let’s look at how you can make this dream a reality:

Depending on how much work your closet needs, take an afternoon or a weekend to set up your personal boutique.

1. Empty your closet completely and give it a thorough clean. (When was the last time you really cleaned your closet?)

2. Complete any repairs and/or install a new closet system if needed.

3. Add a fresh coat of paint or some wallpaper. Or maybe even new flooring or a rug!

​4. A simple and inexpensive place to begin your closet make-over is the purchase of uniform hangers. Classic wooden hangers are a great investment but if space is an issue try the thin flocked hangers which will take up less room.

5. Next, choose your favorite outfits and accessories and put those back in your refreshed closet first. Look at what is left and decide if any of it is worth keeping. Plan to donate or recycle any remaining clothing that you don’t, or really shouldn't, wear.

6. Finally, accessorize your boutique with decorative boxes, hooks, or containers as needed for storing accessories and add any other personal touches to make you smile.

Remember, like any great boutique, your closet will require ongoing maintenance. Be sure to clean and rehang your clothes regularly and replace worn, outgrown or outdated items as needed.

Feel overwhelmed at the thought of tackling your closet alone? I can help. Book an appointment today.

Photo Credits: Strickland's Closet Ideas; Shoe Tease; Ikea; French Country Cottage

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