• Joan Kosmachuk

Why Settle For A Black Umbrella?

Rainy days can be dreary enough without adding to the sea of black umbrellas. In fact, an umbrella is a wonderful opportunity for you to display your unique Seasonal Colors & Style.

A colorful umbrella with a whimsical motif can be a way to express your sense of humor and add a ray of sunshine on a gloomy day!

Or you might prefer an umbrella in a solid color to match your basic neutrals and tell the world you've got style even in the rain!

How about an umbrella in one of your prints? Pair it with other accessories to create interest and balance in your outfit. This look sends the message that you're in charge, not the weather.

The Queen has her umbrellas custom made to co-ordinate with each of her outfits showing attention to even the smallest detail. Matching your umbrella to the outfit you are wearing will give a similar impression.

Umbrellas can be found in just about every color, print and price point. You'll have no trouble finding one (or more) to express your Seasonal Colors & Style.

So what message is your umbrella sending?

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