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How to Wear Black and White

Let me start this post by confessing that I have a HUGE crush on black and white outfits. Whether casual or dressy, there's just something so classic about a black and white combination. Not to mention you can find black and white clothing in every size and style imaginable. Clothes shopping doesn't get much simpler than that.

But as beautiful as these outfits look, this combination doesn't look great on everyone and here's why.

The highest contrast level you can get is pure black and white. Which is why it looks amazing on women whose personal color harmony is of equally high contrast. The model above with her dark hair and fair skin could wear black and white all day, every day, and always look fabulous. If you have high contrast coloring, black and white outfits will be a great go-to option for you.

But for the women below, the same high contrast black and white outfit falls flat. These women have low-to-medium contrast coloring and these black and white combinations don't relate to their personal harmony at all. Instead of looking fresh and chic they look pale and washed out -- in fact these outfits compete with their natural beauty rather than enhance it.

If your personal color harmony does not support a high contrast black and white outfit but your current wardrobe is comprised of mostly black and white clothing, here's a few tips to make those clothes look better on you:

1. Lower the contrast of your black and white outfit by adding another neutral that relates to your personal harmony. Some possibilities are camel, beige, or blush.

2. Instead of wearing white with your black, choose an alternate medium value color to pair with your black clothing as it will lower the contrast level. Ideally this alternate color should relate to your personal harmony.

3. Instead of wearing black with your white, choose an alternate low-medium value color that better relates to your personal harmony and contrast level. Gold or silver, pastels, or chambray have potential.

Of course, if black and white are not the best look for you then the ultimate goal is to wear other colors that support your Personal Harmony!

Not sure what those colors are? Book an appointment today and let's discover it together!



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