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Packing Like A Pro - Ten Tips For Taking Your Seasonal Color & Style On The Road

My husband I travel regularly for work, to visit family and sometimes even just for fun, so I wanted to share with you some of my best tips for taking your Seasonal Color & Style on the Road.

1.. Know Your Limitations.

Are you planning to travel with a duffle bag, carry-on and/or checked baggage? Do you know the size and weight restrictions for each piece? You'll also need to make sure you have extra space for any planned purchases you will need to pack on the return journey.

2. Chart Your Itinerary.

Using a calendar page, highlight the days you will be traveling. Then note your itinerary for each day on your calendar (business meeting, day at the beach, hiking, museum,etc.)

3. Check the Weather.

Take a look at the long-range forecast for your destination and add the temperature plus sun or rain symbol for each day you'll be away to your itinerary calendar.

Your calendar will now inform everything from your footwear to your underwear choices.

4. Start with your footwear.

Limit yourself to 2 or 3 pairs of shoes or boots since they will add the most weight to your suitcase. Choose your footwear first because you'll need to create outfits that will work with this limited selection. If you are traveling for business you'll need professional footwear but if you are adding in some fun on the side you may also need a sturdy pair of walking shoes or boots, sandals for the beach etc. You don't want to be that guy who is stuck wearing his dress shoes and shorts for a day of touring the sites.

5. Create outfits using no more than 2-3 colors from your palette.

This will allow you to mix and match tops and bottoms more easily so that you can get more than one day's wear out of each item. One of your color choices should be a neutral (a darker neutral if you will be away on business, or a casual neutral works well for a vacation). You can add in any additional colors you may want with jewelry & accessories.

6. Create an outfit chart for each day.

Knowing both your Itinerary and the Weather you can now create suitable outfits to wear for each day as follows:

-Footwear - dress shoe, walking shoe, sandal or hiking boot? What will you need to get comfortably through the day?

-Bottom (will it be jeans, pants, skirt, shorts, capris etc.)

-Top (short-sleeve, long-sleeve, sleeveless? T-shirt, sweater or blouse or button down shirt?)

-Third piece (cardigan, vest, blazer, coat)

- Support wear (underwear, shape wear, socks or stockings)

-Accessories ( belt, scarf, gloves, hat, tie, etc.)

-Jewelry (watch, rings, necklaces, brooches, bracelets, earrings etc.)

Plan to wear each item more than once to help limit the number of clothes you'll need to carry. For example, jeans may be paired with a t-shirt and jacket on day one and worn again with a shirt and cardigan on day 3.

**note: if you have 2 very different activities happening in the same day (morning at the beach, dinner with a client) you will need to plan 2 or more outfits for the day, not just one.

7. Check each item in your outfit selections to make sure it is in wearable condition -- now's the time to secure any loose buttons, remove any stains, or polish those shoes. Check stockings for runs and socks for holes. If you haven't worn something in awhile, try it on and make sure it still fits comfortably.

8. Use Packing Cubes.

These are especially great if you'll be moving from one location to another. But even if you are staying in one spot, packing cubes will streamline the process.

It’s easier to pack when you know how many items can fit in each cube and how each cube fits in your luggage. Your cubes can work like your drawers at home. You know what’s in each one, so you can just take out the relevant cube rather than having to dig through your whole suitcase.

And if you are traveling as a couple or family, assigning a different colored cube for each family member sharing the same suitcase will really make it easier for everyone to find what they need.

9. Have a travel-only toiletries kit and make-up bag.

By having duplicates of your must-have toiletries and make-up you'll be able to keep that bag stocked and ready to grab and pop in your suitcase at a moment's notice. There's nothing worse than getting your destination and discovering you've forgotten your deodorant or eyeliner. (Just be sure to re-stock your bag with key essentials after each trip)

10. Use Check Lists.

There's always a lot of things to juggle when you are heading out of town so don't trust yourself to remember everything -- make lists and work your lists.

Use your Outfit Chart to check off each item as you pack it. I like to pack my outfit chart as well so I remember what I had planned to wear each day.

Create a Master Checklist for all the other items you routinely need when traveling such as toiletries, medications, make-up, electronics, passport and so forth.

So there you have my top 10 tips for taking your Seasonal Color & Style on the Road. Any tips I've missed? Please share in the comments section.


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