• Joan Kosmachuk

Some Of The Beautiful Faces of Summer

Summer colors are muted and blended and Summer women project a romantic, restful, gentle, gracious, poised, dignified, relaxed, charming, feminine, delicate, or tender quality.

When you think about women with coloring rooted in the Summer Season you might first think of women with coloring like Abigail.

Abigail is a beautiful Iridescent summer. These soft muted colors look so sweet on her and match her tender romantic personality.

Elizabeth is a beautiful Iridescent Summer as well. Because of her gorgeous red hair, she was typed as an Autumn many years ago but that Seasonal designation never quite fit for her.

You can tell by her beautiful feminine lines that she is a poised and gracious Summer who radiates in these soft, muted colors.

Denise is a Rose Tone Summer with warm brown eyes. Her colors are softening even more as she ages. Gentle, refined, calm and so beautiful.

And then we have the Deeper Value Summers.

Amanda is a twilight summer. These gentle, shadowy, sweet colors look amazing with her gorgeous brown hair and eyes.

Caitlin is a Twilight Summer as well. But there's no pre-packaged colors here - both palettes are quite different and yet both women look beautiful in their colors.

Gail is a Jeweltone Summer. These colors have some brilliance and can be a little more intense than other summers. Gail's gorgeous inherent Color Harmony is displayed in her palette.

Mal is also a Jeweltone Summer who looks so at home in these deeper value colors.

And Beckei is a gorgeous Dusk Summer.

Her colors are slightly stronger than the Twilight summers, she can wear lots of reds and purples and looks amazing when these are blended together.

Each one of these women is a Summer, each one anchored in this glorious Season of nature, but each one having a unique Color & Style Harmony that is theirs alone.

Wondering which Season is home for you? Book a Color Consult today and let's discover your Seasonal Color Harmony!

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