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Body Signature Series: Dressing the Short Neck

Welcome to my new "Body Signature" Series. Your unique Body signature is comprised of your Body's Type, Your Body's Shape, Your Body's Proportions and Your Body's Particulars. Knowing your Body signature will help you to understand how to dress it.

Today I've got some tips for those whose Body Signature includes a short neck (in proportion to the rest of their body). If you aren't sure if you have a short neck, you can check using this simple method.

Place YOUR hand horizontally, palm against your neck, just under your chin. If your neck is shorter than the width of your four fingers, you have a short neck in proportion to the rest of your body. So let's talk about how you can visually elongate your neck for better overall visual proportion.

The first trick is to wear necklines that are wide and open. V-neck, scoop neck, soft cowl or off-the-shoulder are all great options for extending your neckline to give the illusion of a longer neck.

You'll want to avoid anything that is fitted up around your neck like a mock neck or crew neck top as these will visually shorten your neck making it appear even shorter than it already is.

You will also want to avoid placing too much ornamentation around your neck area.

Longer necklaces will work well for a short neck especially if you choose a necklace with a lighter chain at the top with the weight of the necklace placed well below the sides of your neck.

Embellished tops are another great way to dress your neckline without the need for any additional jewelry on your neck.

Brooches are also the friend of the short neck -- wear one or more in place of a necklace.

If you have any other great tips for my readers with short necks please share them in the comments below.

And if you need helping understanding your unique Body Signature and how to dress it, I'd love to help. Book your Style appointment today.


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