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An eBook is Born

When we find the unique place where the Colors, Color Qualities, and Focus Words work congruently with each other and with you, then we have arrived at the Seasonal Harmony. This Harmony holds the living gestalt of Coloration, Quality and Energy. If the Seasonal Harmony is correct, it supports who you are at your core." (excerpt from the eBook)

When I first met Cathy Williams I had the uncanny sense that we'd met before. We hadn't. But it soon became clear that ours was a divine appointment. Cathy was a 10 year + veteran in the Seasonal Color world and I an enthusiastic newcomer.

I was still debating the merits of the Caygill Method (having previously dabbled in some other methods of color analysis) and after several heated debates and a personal analysis, Cathy won me over completely. We connected, we collaborated, and one day over lunch the idea of writing an eBook together was conceived.

The Suzanne Caygill Method of Seasonal Analysis is profound and personalized. A lot of people have never heard of it. Others, like myself, have had misconceptions about it. So we want to get the word out about this amazing work. We want people to know what it is and what to expect from it.

When something is meant to be, it is amazing how all the pieces come together. The manuscript passed back and forth between us with words getting added and others removed. Edit after edit after edit. Images were culled and Cathy created the beautiful collages you see throughout. The layout that appears so effortless was the hard work of my friend, Nancy, who so skillfully led us through the unknown territory of digital publication.

And today we send it forth into the world. Click here to request your Free Download. We hope you love it as much as we do!


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