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Have Fun with Thrift Store Jeans -10 inspirational ideas for making them your own

Embellished jeans are trendy these days but finding an affordable pair that flatters and is embellished in a way that supports your Seasonal Color & Style is challenging.

That's where thrift store jeans can come in handy, especially if you aren't afraid of a few DIY modifications. Here are 10 chic ways to embellish a pair of jeans.

1. Cut off Hems: You can turn full length jeans into ankle or cropped jeans with just a pair of scissors. Create a natural frayed hem, create an uneven hem, or go for a more dramatic fringed bottom.

2. Embroider Hems: Pick a favorite word or phrase and embroider it on the hem of one leg or both.

3. Bedazzle Hems: Add Beads, Buttons, Studs, even diamonds if you dare, to express your personal style.

4. Trim Hems: Your fabric store is a great place to find some interesting trim to stitch on the bottom of an ordinary pair of jeans to give them a little extra kick. If you don't have a sewing machine, any place that does alterations should be able to attach the trim for you.

5. Add a Ruffled Hem: Use some crisp cotton gingham or tulle to create a decorative ruffle on the bottom of your jeans.

6. Make Ribboned Hems: Measure the circumference of each hem and affix the lengths of ribbon to the hems of both legs. This looks best with an ankle-length or cropped leg.

7. Hand-draw Designs: Use a permanent marker or fabric paint to create one-of-a-kind designs on your jeans. If you're not comfortable drawing free-hand, use a favorite stencil to guide you along.

8. Sew Pretty Patches: Whether you buy jeans that already have holes or cut out your own, you can add fabric patches in your Seasonal Colors & Prints.

9. Iron-on Embroidered Patches: Add flowers, birds, animals or other fun designs using iron-on embroidery patches on a pocket or a turned-up hem.

10. Pearlize Them: It might take you a few hours to hand stitch on a packet of pearly beads but it will be well-worth your effort. Just make sure to keep the pearls on the front side of your jeans and turn them inside out when you wash them.

Have I missed any other creative ways to embellish a pair of thrift store jeans? Be sure to share your favorites in the comments below!

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