• Joan Kosmachuk

How To Wear A Brooch (and why you'd want to)

There was a time when brooches were all the rage, and then they weren't, and now they are again. But for those of you who may have had trouble embracing this fashion trend, let me inspire you to reconsider.

Traditionally brooches were worn one at a time and most often on the left shoulder and that is certainly still a great way to wear them. A single brooch can add an additional layer of bling or be a statement piece of jewelry all on its own.

You can also wear a single brooch at your throat or on a turtleneck in place of a statement necklace.

A modern trend is to wear clusters of brooches that are related in some way. This takes a little boldness and a bit of style savvy to pull off, but if your style is a little less traditional and you love to layer your jewelry, then this is a great trend for you.

You needn't limit the location of your brooches to your upper half either. Brooches can be worn at the cuff or on a belt to draw attention to your waist, or even on a lower pocket. Just make sure that they are drawing attention where you want the eye to go.

And Brooches can add a touch of bling or whimsy to your accessories as well. Add a brooch to a boot or shoe, a hat or a scarf or even a purse. This is a great way customize any accessory.

Start by finding a brooch or three that relate to your overall Seasonal line of design and personality. Look for them in your colors and metals. They will work best if they relate to the scale and shapes of your facial features.

Play around with their placement on your clothes and accessories until you come up with a great look that makes you smile!



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