• Joan Kosmachuk

The Spring Line-of-Design (Celebrity Edition)

Today I want to showcase a few well-known Spring celebrities who beautifully reflect the Spring Seasonal Line-of-Design.

We'll start with Reese Witherspoon. Reese is a Petite Hourglass shape. You can see and feel her energy and simplicity not only in the outfits she wears, but also in the clothing she sells through her company, Draper James.

Reese's outfits reflect the fresh, crisp and playful elements that typify the Spring Line-of-Design.

Another famous Spring celebrity with an hourglass shape is Christine Brinkley.

This outfit -- a polka dot pleated dress -- shows the buoyancy of the Spring Line-of-Design. And note the perky bows on her shoes-- a classic detail for Spring. But not every Spring relates to this traditional Spring look.

Charlize Theron has a tall, inverted triangle body shape.

And this dress, with rounded hem and sparkle, reflects her Spring Essence beautifully. Her look is sophisticated, but there's still a luminosity and roundness that reflects the Spring Line-of-Design.

Oprah has an Oval Body shape. You can sense the energy and buoyancy in these outfits that so beautifully reflect her Seasonal Color Harmony.

The roundness of the Spring Line-of-Design is seen in her neckline, hair and jewelry.

Judi Dench also has an Oval Body Shape and looks absolutely adorable in this dress with it's round buttons, dotted print and scooped neckline. Proof that the Spring Line-of-Design has no expiration date.

Lupita Nyong’o has a pear shaped body. Her Spring energy comes through loud and clear in this bright yellow floral skirt.

And let's wrap it up with Spring Fashion Designer Tori Burch. Her outfit just sings Spring with it's fresh sophisticated take on the Spring polka dot!

Do you want me to keep going? I bet you do. That's the power of visual harmony. When Color, Line-of-Design and Body Signature all align in a person's outfit it attracts us. We simply can't get enough.

Here's to all Springs embracing their Seasonal Line-of-Design and Body Signature and Seasonal Color Harmony -- the world needs each one of you to be fully you inside and out!


Joan Kosmachuk

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