• Joan Kosmachuk

The Autumn Line-of-Design (Celebrity Edition)

Today I want to showcase a few well-known Autumn celebrities who beautifully reflect the Autumn Seasonal Line-of-Design.

Let's start with Angela Basset. Angela looks stunning in this modern adaptation of an Egyptian dress. The lines and rhythms of the designs from this historical period complement many Autumn women.

Raquel Welch, an hourglass body shape, steps out in style in these opulent fabrics. Her outfit evokes the richness of the Autumn season.

Cindy Crawford, like many Autumn women, wears an animal print with ease.

Halle Berry's leather dress(on the left) is a great example of the swift, angular lines that typify the Autumn Line-of-design. The leaf motif on her dress on the right is another expression of the Autumn Line-of-Design.

Piper Parabo's feminine hourglass figure looks terrific in this menswear style suit. The Autumn Line-of-Design is more Yang than Yin.

And Susan Serandon also looks striking in her Seasonal Autumn Colors. The swift lines and points in her shirt and jacket are characteristic of the Autumn Line-of-Design.

Remember,there are no stereotypes in the Caygill Seasonal

Color & Style System. As an Autumn woman you will have your own unique way of expressing the Autumn Line-of-Design.

Here's to all Autumns embracing their Seasonal Line-of-Design and Body Signature and Seasonal Color Harmony -- the world needs each one of you to be fully you inside and out!


Joan Kosmachuk

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