• Joan Kosmachuk

The Winter Line-of-Design (Celebrity Edition)

Today I want to showcase a few well-known Winter celebrities who beautifully reflect the Winter Seasonal Line-of-Design.

Model Carmen Dell'Orefice

Winter's design is often quiet, modern, and sometimes elegantly bizarre.

Winter styling demonstrates the use and power of neutrals. Neutrals dramatize the strength of the Winter woman's own contrasts.

Model Carmen Dell'Orefice is a white-haired Winter who looks stunning in this combination of neutrals.

Winter clothing should be extremely refined in line and degree of workmanship.

Jewelry should be large, smooth, simple and dramatic for a Winter.

Paloma Picasso's necklace is definitely all of that and, wow, do you see how it relates to her Person. This is key for the Winter woman's accessories.

Lucy Liu's stunning dress is a wonderful example of the smooth undulating lines that are characteristic of the Winter Line-of-Design.

Winters can wear all furs provided they are lavish. Demi Moore looks ravishing in hers.

Winter women can wear many colors other than black and white, but you can understand why so many celebrities lean toward classic neutrals as they are the staple of the Winter wardrobe.

This "little black dress" supports Sela Ward beautifully.

And the simplicity of Naomi Campbell's dress supports her equally well.

These are great examples of the quiet, minimalist Line-of-design that flatters many Winter women.

But note that Naomi can wear a more elegantly bizarre outfit equally well.

Remember, there are no stereotypes in the Caygill Seasonal Color and Style System. As a Winter woman you will have your own unique way of expressing the Winter Line-of-Design.

Here's to all Winters embracing their Seasonal Line-of-Design, Body Signature and Seasonal Color Harmony -- the world needs each one of you to be fully you inside and out!


Joan Kosmachuk

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