• Joan Kosmachuk

The Summer Line of Design (Celebrity Edition)

The Summer Line-of-Design used in styling is the S-curve. It is the line of grace expressing softness, fluidity, and elegance.

We see, in Nicole Kidman's outfits both the softness and complexity of the Summer Line-of-Design.

Ashley Judd is a beautiful Twilight Summer. Her dress shows the gentle curves of the Summer Line-of-Design.

Even when Summers wear a more classic style, the Summer Line-of-Design can be expressed through fabric, drape, and trim as shown here with Angelina Jolie's suit.

Kate Middleton is always turned out so beautifully, but it's the Summer Line-of-Design that brings out her inherent beauty.

Note the rose in her ovalized fascinator, the soft gathers and pleats in her dress. She is an exquisite example of soft elegance in the Summer Line-of-Design.

Many Summer Women can wear head-to-toe lace and Chanel Iman is one of them. Notice the fluid drape of her dress.

And finally, Brook Shields is a Dusk Summer who looks gorgeous in velvet and fur. Notice the softness, elegance and fluid drape of this dress.

Each Summer woman will express this Line-of-design in her own way. There are no stereotypes in the Caygill Seasonal System.

Here's to all Summers embracing their Seasonal Line-of-Design and Body Signature and Seasonal Color Harmony -- the world needs each one of you to be fully you inside and out!



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