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Curating Your Personal Wardrobe - Three Secrets to Borrow From Museum Curators.

I recently came across three secrets shared by Museum Curators that apply to those of us Curating Wardrobes to support our Seasonal Harmony.

1. "Be open-minded and prepared to dig deep for creative solutions to an unimaginable range of problems and issues. It’s not easy, but it is rewarding."

Curating items that will support the whole of you can be challenging. We all have unique issues that come into play when we dress. It might be a large bosom, an allergy to certain fibers, a petite or tall frame, fluctuating weight, a short leg or a narrow foot etc. "Your" colors might not be the colors "in store" this year. Your career or lifestyle may add additional wardrobe requirements or limitations. Sometimes you are working with a limited budget or living in a remote location with limited shopping options.

Having an "open mind and being prepared to dig deep for creative solutions" reminds us that the first step in curating our wardrobes is to start with the right mindset. It's going to take time and a little ingenuity.

2. "Curating isn’t just a matter of taste. It involves building up real knowledge of the items in your care."

Do you have a favorite pair of pants? A dress that makes you look 10lbs slimmer? A jacket that goes with everything? It's important to understand what makes these pieces work.

Measure the rise in those pants, take note of their length and the width of the leg. What fabric and color are they? Why are they so comfortable? What makes them so flattering for your figure? Why is that dress so slimming? What makes that jacket so versatile? Understanding what works in a garment will be incredibly helpful as you shop for new items to add to your wardrobe. And understanding what isn't working in a garment keeps you from repeating the same mistake the next time.

Gaining knowledge about designers, clothing manufacturers, local boutiques, thrift and consignment stores, as well as on-line store products and policies will also help to inform where you look for those perfect pieces to round out your wardrobe.

3. "You get to see your collection and creative vision come to life. Seeing all the hard work pay off and witnessing the public enjoying it can bring immense amounts of satisfaction."

Talk about motivation! As you start to gather great pieces that are harmonious with you, you'll begin to see your creative vision for your personal style come to life. You'll enjoy getting dressed in the morning and you'll see how others are blessed by your efforts. When people compliment you on how great you look, they are showing their appreciation of your attention to detail. We all take delight in seeing others look their best.

As any museum curator will tell you, it's not just the cost of a curated piece that determines it's value, it's about the provenance, the history of people behind it.

Find pieces that are a true reflection of who you are and you'll also end up with a wardrobe that is far more valuable than it's collective purchase price.

Quotes were taken from The Guardian and Curator Job Description

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