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Historical Adaptations for the Winter Type

Once you've had your Seasonal Color Analysis and learned your Seasonal Type, the next step is to discover your personal expression of your Seasonal Style.

Suzanne Caygill offered some assistance by identifying fashions from certain historical periods that can inform the style for each Season.

The lines and rhythms of design in the periods and styles below seem to complement the Winter type.

These are just some of the possible modern adaptations for each period as listed in her book, "Color The Essence of You".

Grecian (Classic Winter)

Roman (Classic Winter)

Empire (Classic and Soft Winter)

Japanese (Soft Winter)

Edwardian (Soft Winter)

Persian (Soft Winter)

East Indian (Soft and Exotic Winter)

Mandarin (Soft and Exotic Winter)

Moorish (Exotic Winter)

Byzantine (Exotic Winter)

Spanish Basque (Exotic Winter)

Imperial Russia (Dynamic Winter)

Cromwellian (The Puritan Influence - petite winter)

Victorian (when done in a tongue-in-cheek playful manner)

You may find affinity with one (or several) of these historic fashion periods which may help you as you develop your own personal Winter Style.

If your Season hasn't been covered yet, don't despair. Two more posts to come in this series and one of them will be for you!



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