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Choosing the Right Shoe Details for your Bone Structure

When it comes to choosing a pair of shoes, the right details can make all the difference. Matching the scale of the details in your shoes to the scale of the bone structure in your ankle will create the most flattering look.

If you have small ankle bones, look for small scale details in your shoes. Note the slightness of the heel, the slim straps, the small buckle and the fine stitching of this shoe. This is a great example of a shoe tailor-made for a foot with small ankle bones.

For those with medium scale ankle bones, medium scale details such as those shown in this shoe, on the right, will be the most flattering. Note the medium- sized heel, strap and clasp detail.

And women with large ankle bones should look for shoes with more visual weight. The chunky heel and wide straps of this shoe, on the left, are a good match for a larger scale ankle.

The scale of bows or other ornamentation should also be selected to match the scale of your feet as demonstrated through the small, medium and large scale bows shown above.

Choosing smaller scale patterns for small - medium scale ankles vs. larger scale patterns for larger scale ankles is another way to create visual balance with your footwear.

So take a moment to assess the scale of your own ankles and then check to see how many of your shoes and boots have details in the same scale.

And pay attention to scale the next time you are out shopping for shoes. You will always look best when you stay true to your body's inherent design.

And remember, when it comes to reflecting your personal style, it's the attention to detail that makes the difference between average and stunning!



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