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Shopping Outside the Mall

One of the common complaints I hear after someone discovers their Seasonal Color and Style is that they are now having trouble finding clothing for themselves. They return from the Mall empty-handed because they can't find anything that works.

If this is your experience, it might be time to start shopping for clothes outside the Mall. In this post I'll be featuring some brick-and-mortar sources for you to explore.

Whether it's a high end Boutique or a Goodwill Boutique, individual retailers can be an excellent source for finding colors and styles that are different from the chain stores. They can also be a good source for unique accessories. Get familiar with boutiques in your local area as well as trying those in nearby towns.

You don't have to be invited to a wedding to check out dresses at local bridal stores. Most carry a variety of informal as well as more formal dresses. And you may have the advantage of being able to custom order a dress in your preferred color or fabric plus alterations are readily available to ensure the perfect fit.

Sporting stores are an obvious choice for athletic wear, but you can also hunt here for casual jackets, t-shirts or pants in your Seasonal color and style.

Many Outlet stores carry their own clothing lines that are different from their retail counterpart so if your favorite designer label doesn't have your colors you might have better luck at their Outlet store.

Discount Clothing stores like Nordstrom Rack, Marshalls or TJ Max are worth checking out weekly since they are always getting new stock and you never know when something will arrive in your color, style and size.

Yarn stores often sell handmade sweaters, wraps, scarves, mittens, hats etc. Or purchase some yarn and a pattern and knit your own.

If you travel, check out some of the unique clothing stores found in airports or tourist stores around the world. You never know when you'll happen upon something that was made just for you.

And of course there are ethnic clothing stores, artisan shops, markets, consignment stores and vintage stores to explore as well.

Have you had an outside-the-mall clothing experience you'd recommend?


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