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Why You Need A Uniform

The idea of a uniform may not excite you, but it's the secret weapon of most stylish women. While many of us have fun putting together an outfit for a special event, it can be a challenge to pull a unique look together every single day.

And that's where it helps to have a "uniform" look that you can draw upon to ensure you look stylish even if you've overslept and have only a few minutes to get yourself dressed and out the door.

Whether you spend your days in a corporate office or you work from home, a uniform simplifies your life. Even if your days are spent chasing a toddler, or volunteering at a soup kitchen, a go-to "uniform" will make getting dressed in the morning so much easier.

Let's look at some possible examples:

A popular uniform for many women is comprised of a jacket, top and pants.

With this uniform the star of the show is the jacket and you'll want to make sure that you know the styles and fabrics that work for your Seasonal Line-of-Design and Body Signature. You'll also want to get specific with choosing your supporting cast. Do you prefer a t-shirt, tank, sweater or button-up shirt underneath your jacket? Is your ideal pant leg straight, bootcut, or skinny? Is the fabric denim, ponte or crepe? And do you pair it with a loafer, an ankle boot or a tennis shoe? Do you add pins or scarves to this ensemble?

The great thing about this uniform is that you'll be able to mix and match all three pieces to give you many different looks even before adding interesting accessories.

Or perhaps you prefer a dress for your everyday uniform. You'll choose styles and lengths that are flattering to your Body Signature, fabrics that work for both your Season and your lifestyle, and colors and patterns that flatter you.

You'll want to choose a shoe style to pair with your dresses -- maybe a ballet flat, or a tall boot, or a wedge sandal. You may want to add tights or leggings or stockings.

What other accessories will work with your dresses? Do you wear necklaces, scarves, bracelets, earrings, rings, a belt? What sort of a handbag will support your daily needs?

Do you need a more professional uniform for your job? You'll want to keep in mind the culture in your office and any dress codes or expectations set by your employers.

Whether you need a classic suit or have the option of a more casual dress code, choosing core uniform pieces that work for your body and personal style will make it easy to show up each day looking your best.

Does your stay-at-home lifestyle lend itself to a more casual comfort style?

Casual does not need to be synonymous with frumpy -- this uniform (more than any other) needs to have each piece carefully chosen and can sometimes be the most expensive uniform to purchase as you will want high-quality fabrics and design to ensure you don't end up looking like you are wearing your pajamas.

Uniforms are not static. You'll find you need to revisit yours as you age and as your style taste and lifestyle needs change. Uniforms are also not boring. In fact, once you've identified the core pieces of your uniform, you'll be free to get as creative as you like with them. And even if you keep the main pieces simple, you can play around with shoes and accessories to change up your look from day to day.

Of course there will be many times when you won't need your uniform. But the beauty of a daily uniform is that it's always there when you need it. You can pull it together without a lot of thought or effort. It supports you, it flatters you, it reflects your personality and it let's you be seen.

So, what's your go-to uniform?


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