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How to Feel Comfy, Without Looking Frumpy in Seven Simple Steps

Many women today are opting out of high fashion in favor of physically "comfortable" clothing. The struggle, that many women have, however, is how to feel comfy without looking frumpy.

Here are 7 tips for marrying comfort and style:

1. Work With Your Body Signature, Not Against It.

Identifying the most flattering silhouettes for your Body Shape, size and Body Particulars is the first step in your search for the right style of comfy clothing for you. Just because you love a particular casual style, doesn't meant it will love you back.

Are you straight or curvy? Tall or short? Do you carry your weight on the top, the bottom, or smack dab in the middle?

Choosing styles and fabrics that enhance your natural shape is key to avoiding that frumpy look.

2. Wear Colors That Support Your Natural Harmony.

Wearing your Seasonal Colors in the right combinations will allow people to see you first and your outfit second. Just by wearing your most harmonious colors your outfit will be more flattering on you.

3. Wear Your Seasonal Style.

Each Season has some general Line-of-Design rules that will connect your clothing with your natural harmony. For example, Spring outfits need to have a sense of buoyancy so if you are a Spring, comfy clothing with too much drape will weigh you down. When you follow your Seasonal line-of-design it will lead you to the styles of comfy clothing that suit you best.

4. Know Your Support Needs.

What do you need your clothing to do for you? How can it best support you? Does it need to be tough enough to handle baby or pet slobber? Does it need to be warm enough to keep you from catching a chill? Or breathable enough so you aren't sweating? Do you need your clothing to lend you some authority or to make you more approachable?

Knowing the role your outfit must play in a day will help you to select the best styles and colors to match your needs.

5. Know Your Style Speak.

Whether we like it or not, our clothes speak for us. People look at you and receive a message from the clothes you are wearing. What do you want your clothes to say? That you're invisible? That you're uninspiring? That you're stuck in the past?

Or do you want to send the message that you are creative, relevant, interesting, confident, even sexy? If you aren't sure what message your clothes are sending to the world, ask a couple of people who see you on a regular basis (but don't know you well) if they can guess your age, occupation, and personality. If your clothes are sending the wrong message, it's time to make adjustments.

6. Add Interest With Accessories.

Even the most stylish comfort garments need a little help and this is easily accomplished through the addition of well-chosen accessories. Take time to curate jewelry, handbags, hats, scarves, shoes etc. that work both for your Seasonal Style and express your personality. This is the easiest way to elevate your style.

7. Keep It Fresh.

Even when you find a comfortable look that works for you, be careful not to get stuck in a style rut. Re-evaluate your style at least annually to make sure it's still working for you and can support any changes to your body or lifestyle.

Finding comfortable clothes in your Seasonal Colors & Style that work with your Body Signature, lifestyle, and personality is not easy, but it is totally worth the effort to look and feel great every single day.

If you need help identifying your Seasonal Color, Style & Body Signature, book an appointment with me today.


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