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A Recipe For A Stylish Holiday Outfit

With the holidays fast approaching it's time to plan your holiday party outfits. Whether you are the host or a guest, this simple recipe is sure to get you from Thanksgiving to New Year in style.

To start, pair a beautiful holiday top or tunic with a basic bottom.

Some great fabric choices for a holiday top are: chiffon, cashmere, metallic, sequinned, leather or velvet. You'll choose from your Seasonal Colors and Style, keeping your Body Signature in mind.

Pair your top with a basic dress pant, dressy denim jean, legging, or skirt.

Alternatively, you could choose a holiday pant or skirt (short or long) and pair it with a basic top.

Again, depending on your Seasonal type, Body signature and Personality you might choose velvet, leather, metallic, silk or satin....

Add some festive accessories, reflective of your personality, that complement your top/bottom combo to complete your outfit.

Be sure to put your outfit together early (including accessories) and try it on for size. Now's the time for any last minute trips to the tailor, dry cleaner, or department store so that dressing yourself will be a breeze during the busy holiday season.

By following this simple recipe, your holiday outfits could look something like this:

But however you mix your pieces together, it should look and feel like YOU!

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