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What Size is Your Dream Wardrobe?

One woman's wardrobe might be another woman's nightmare. We are all wired differently, we have different lifestyles, goals, beliefs, and needs. We desire different things. So...

Let's imagine, for a moment, that your closet is a beautifully curated boutique that supports your current lifestyle? What size is your inventory? What types of clothing and accessories are featured in your boutique? At what price point? Is your boutique filled with cutting edge design, classic styles, vintage pieces, romantic ruffles or athletic wear?

Does your dream boutique carry designer labels, eco-friendly clothing, handmade items or is it a Goodwill Boutique?

Do you dream of a Minimalist Wardrobe with a few well-chosen pieces that mix and match?

Do you dream of a Moderate Sized Wardrobe with a broad selection of clothing and accessories to choose from?

Or do your Wardrobe aspirations tend toward designer items with multiple showrooms?

Choose a photo and/or write a description of your dream boutique/wardrobe. You might even want to give a descriptive name to your boutique.

When it comes to the size of your personal wardrobe, what is the desire of your heart?

I'd love it if you shared your answers in the comments or on my FB page. Let's dream together!


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