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Choosing Your Ideal Silhouettes for your Wardrobe Basics

Have you ever looked at a clothing item and seen the dreaded O/S on the tag? That "one size fits all" label always makes me cringe. Even more so when I see a magazine article or marketing ad promoting the latest trendy clothing item that "everyone should be wearing."

Well, my message today is just the opposite. When it comes to curating a wardrobe that suits you and your lifestyle, the key is to discover what clothing styles fit and flatter you best, regardless of what the latest trends might be.

In my Style Consultations with clients we discover your unique body signature. This includes your body's shape, proportions , lines and other body particulars. Combined with your Seasonal Line of Design, this allows me to recommend the styles and silhouettes that will be most flattering for you.

If you are doing this yourself, your Body's Shape is a good place to start in identifying your Body Signature. The width of your shoulders (bust) relative to the width of your waist and hips determines your body's natural silhouette.

Note any other body particulars that impact your dressing. For example, are you tall or petite by retail standards? Do you have a long leg? Long or short rise? Do you have a small or large bust? Do you have a short or long neck? Do you have a tummy? Do you have wide or narrow feet? What are your body proportions?

We often think about our unique body particulars as a "problem" but I want you to just list them as part of your unique body signature.

Yes, they may create limitations for you when dressing (a woman with a wide foot cannot wear a narrow shoe,but then again, a woman with a narrow foot can't wear a wide shoe). But think of those limits as helpful information in narrowing down your wardrobe choices.

Think about the most flattering sizes, styles and shapes of each of the clothing items you have in your wardrobe.

For example, what waist size, inseam, and rise results in the most comfortable and flattering pair of pants for you? How wide is the leg? What is the style of pant? What fabrics suit you and your lifestyle best? Where do you like your pocket placement? Do you prefer a front or side zipper, or elastic waist? A wide or narrow waistband? Do you need a flat front or pleated pant?

Pick your favorite dress, skirt, jacket, top, even t-shirt and take note of hem and/or sleeve lengths, neckline, collar, fabric, drape, etc. Discover what it is that makes a particular item fit and flatter you so well.

By really studying the particulars of those items that fit and flatter you best, you'll create a "must have features" list that will help you in shopping for new or replacement items.

Book my Body Signature Style Service if you need help figuring out what fits and flatters you most.


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