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Create Your Own Clothing Boutique At Home

There's no reason that your wardrobe can't be turned into your own personal clothing boutique with you as both buyer and shopper. Consider your current wardrobe as your inventory and follow the steps below.

1. Find the ideal location for your personal boutique:

Where is your boutique currently located in your home? Do you share your closet space? Is your wardrobe spread out over several closets in your home? Do you have a large walk-in closet? Do you also store wardrobe items in an armoire, a chest of drawers, a dresser? Where do you store jewelry and accessories? Shoes and Handbags? Is there adequate room for all your current stock? Do you have room to grow? Where do you store out-of-season or special occasion outfits? Do you have separate storage for outerwear?

Well, it's time to get creative. Choose your real estate challenge and solution from the list below.

Not enough space.

There are two ways to solve this problem.

A ) reduce your wardrobe inventory. Store any clothes that you aren't wearing on a daily basis elsewhere. Plastic bins, a cedar chest, under-the-bed storage etc. can all serve as the "stock room" for your personal boutique allowing your everyday wardrobe to shine and making it possible for you to swap out key pieces seasonally or as you need them.

B) Find creative ways to increase your closet real-estate. If your rooms are large, but your closets are small, consider adding an open closet system or shelving along an unused wall. Even a free-standing garment rack can expand your hanging space. Display some of your clothing as art. Or convert an unused spare room into a walk-in closet.

Poorly Designed Spaces.

Think about the most space-efficient ways to store your inventory. How much short/long hanging space do you need? Would your closet benefit from a new organizing system? Would a floor to ceiling shelving unit be better than dresser drawers? Can you combine function and art to create interesting open storage for your clothing and accessories?

If you removed all the "furniture" from your bedroom except for your bed, how might you re-imagine your wardrobe storage?

An Uninspiring Space.

Is your closet poorly lit? Do the walls need a fresh coat of paint? Are there handles missing on your dresser drawers? What small improvements would make your wardrobe storage more functional or beautiful?

Would you like a new set of matching hangers? Some decorative hooks? Scented drawer liners? Color co-ordinated storage bins?

2. Find a boutique photo for inspiration. A beautiful boutique is a combination of the items it carries as well as the way those items are presented. Make sure your presentation matches your personal style.

3. Sketch out your plans for your wardrobe storage and write up a to-do list for maximizing and beautifying your personal boutique.

I'd love to hear what your real estate challenges are and how you are going to remedy them. I'm also available to help with wardrobe alignment so let's talk.


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