• Joan Kosmachuk

Paying Attention to Color Connections in Your Outfits

Two trendy outfits on two young women and yet one of these outfits looks just a little more pulled together than the other. Do you see it?

The color of the boots on woman on the right matches her bag, the trim on her jacket, and even her sweater. This pulls the whole outfit together.

The boot color of the woman on the left does not relate to anything else in her outfit. Imagine how her outfit would look if she were wearing a charcoal boot?

Here's another example of connecting color in your outfit. The shoe, scarf and bag worn by the woman on the left creates a wonderful triad of color that pulls her outfit together and draws our eye up to the face .

By contrast, the connection of a red lip and shoe (on the right) is not quite strong enough to keep our focus on the face and not the shoes.

Color Connections can also be made with solids and patterns.

You can see from the above examples how repeating the colors of the patterns in the solid pieces creates a lovely color connection in these outfits.

Even subtle color connections can still be a powerful force in pulling an outfit together as shown in the examples above.

The moral of the story: When you are putting an outfit together look for ways you can create color connections for a more pulled-together look.


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