• Joan Kosmachuk

Casual Outfits: For the Spring Type

This is the second blog post in a 4-part series in which I will be sharing some Casual Outfit suggestions for each of the Seasons.

We are talking "around the house" casual. A step above pajamas or loungewear, but a step down from what you might wear for casual Friday at work. These are the types of outfits we grab for a "day in" but they are presentable enough for us to walk the dog, take your kids to the park, greet folks at the door, or pop out for groceries.

For the Spring woman it is very important that her casual style supports her personality and energy level. Also that the contrast in the outfit matches her inherent contrast.

Casual outfits for the Spring Type can have a sense of light heartedness about them.

Or have a more natural, relaxed look and feel.

A sporty style will suit some Spring personalities.

Some will lean toward a whimsical look.

While others will favor a more classic casual look.

Whatever your casual style, make sure that your outerwear for everyday works with your choice of casual outfit.

And remember, for a casual outfit to look and feel amazing, the overall silhouette should be chosen to flatter your Body Signature and express your personal style.


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