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Casual Outfits: For The Summer Type

This is the final post in a 4-part series in which I am sharing some Casual Outfit suggestions for each of the Seasons.

We are talking "around the house" casual. A step above pajamas or loungewear, but a step down from what you might wear for casual Friday at work. These are the types of outfits we grab for a "day in" but they are presentable enough for us to walk the dog, take your kids to the park, greet folks at the door, or pop out for groceries.

The Summer Line-of-Design is the the most feminine of all the Seasons. Choose caressable fabrics for your casual wear -- soft, comfortable and feminine is the key.

To put a casual outfit together I recommend you start with the pant. Choose a pant style that is both comfortable and flattering on you: A yoga pant, knit pant, colored denim, a velvet or chiffon pant, a legging or palazzo pant are all good options for the Summer type.

Next choose a top that works with your bottom to create an overall flattering silhouette for your Body Signature.

A tissue t-shirt, jersey knit top, silk blouse, velvet tunic or a cashmere sweater are just a few of the options you may want to consider for your top piece.

For a third piece you might choose a knit cardigan, a kimono, a poncho or wrap.

Here are a few more examples of casual outfits that could work for a Summer type.

And remember, for a casual outfit to look and feel amazing, the overall silhouette should be chosen to flatter your Body Signature and express your personal style and energy.

And of course you'll want to make sure your casual shoes and jacket work with your casual outfits as well.

Still not sure how to marry your Body Signature and Seasonal Style?

Book my Style Service and I'll help you discover the best way to express your Seasonal Style!


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