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Creative Style for Every Seasonal Type

"Creative style uses an imaginative, "collage" approach to fashion mixing fabrics, moods, colors and patterns in unconventional ways.... The entire appearance is innovative and outfits are created to reflect the wearer's individuality, in both their personality and physicality, express a current mood, or to create a work of art using clothing as their medium. " Style Source p. 130-131, Alyce Parsons.

Last month I attended a workshop by Alyce Parsons, author of Style Source: The Power of the Seven Universal Styles for Women and Men.

I thought it might be fun to look at some of these styles through the lens of the Seasonal Line-of-Design. Let's start by looking at the Creative Style as defined by Alyce.

Of all the styles, this one requires a true artistic touch and at it's extreme is not suitable for corporate settings and is not always the most approachable style. But for those truly creative and artistic spirits, here's how your Seasonal Type might do creative.

Springs will most likely tend toward mixing colors, prints and scale as well as juxtaposing levels of refinement for bold, creative, even whimsical expressions.

Creative Summer Types will layer fabrics, prints and accessories to create one-of-a-kind looks. These outfits may have an air of romance but not traditionally so.

Creative Autumn Types will use rich, bold textures, prints and fabrics in unconventional ways for their creative outfits.

Winter Types will use graphic or mixed prints, texture and design to create one-of-a-kind outfits sometimes bordering on the bizarre.

If you work in a Creative Arts field, the Creative Style is a great way to express your artistic talent and vision.

But remember, your Creative outfit must also relate to your inherent energy and Seasonal harmony to make sure that YOU are seen, not just your outfit.

Of course all of us can have a little creative fun even if it's just with our jewelry, shoes or other accessories. And you may even want to try your hand at pulling one creative outfit together from your wardrobe that you can wear when your mood or the occasion calls for it.

I'm curious, is this your Style? How do you express it for your Seasonal type?


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