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Classic Traditional Style for Each Seasonal Type

"The Traditional Style projects a practical and dependable image. It is a neat, tailored approach to dressing. The garments are timeless, durable and well-constructed....the appearance is always conventional, so as not to offend; and appropriate, so the wearer always looks respectful in relation to the event, occasion or circumstance." Style Source, p. 42 Alyce Parsons.

Most of us need little introduction to this Classic Traditional Style here in North America in this century. (Keep in mind that even a classic traditional style is not the same for all cultures or all time). But even a Traditional Style needs to be chosen with the Seasonal Type in mind.

The Winter type wears the Traditional Style very well. Black and White neutrals in classic designs and fabrics will look fabulous on a Winter woman.

The Summer Type will have a softer, feminine look and feel to their Traditional Style. Summers will opt for more muted neutrals (possibly grays or purples) in softer fabrics and worn in lower contrast than the Winter type.

The Autumn Type may lean toward brown, camel, khaki or even tweed or plaid neutrals to express their Traditional Style. They will favor sharper points on the lapel and swifter lines overall.

Springs are more likely to choose navy or beige neutrals in a crisp fabric when they choose a Traditional Style. They may also add a little levity to their outfits with accessories.

The Classic Traditional Style is not just for corporate business wear. It has a classy look and feel that appeals to women of all ages. Do you favor a more traditional style? How do you wear it for your Season?


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