• Joan Kosmachuk

Romantic Style for Every Seasonal Type

"Romantic style projects a feminine image and is characterized by a soft and innocent look. It is a non-classic, unstructured style which has a gentle, curved line....." Style Source p. 86 Alyce Parsons

Since the Summer Line-of-Design is the most feminine of all the Seasonal types, it's easy to think of Summers as being the women with a Romantic Style. But you'll find women from all four Seasons who favor a Romantic look. Let's talk about how they each will wear it.

The Summer Romantic Type will usually wear florals and flowing fabrics like chiffon or velvet or lace, paired with feminine accessories.

The Spring Romantic will choose fabrics that are a little crisper and more playful. Think Floral prints, Ruffles, Eyelet and Bows.

Not all Autumn Types will relate to the Romantic Style, but those who do might choose a Bohemian look or dip into 18th Century English or Italian Renaissance inspired looks.

Winter Romantic's will be less frilly and flowery, but no less Romantic. A little Edwardian or Victorian era may influence their take on this style.

Of course we can all do with a little Romance in our lives -- if not in your clothing perhaps in the way you decorate your bedroom or set a table for two?

Is this your style? How do you express it for your Season?


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