• Joan Kosmachuk

Alluring Style For Every Seasonal Type

"Alluring style projects a glamorous image and is characterized by a body conscious look....The entire appearance is sensuous, uninhibited, exciting, and gives the impression that the wearer is comfortable and accepting of her body." Style Source, p.108 Alyce Parsons

As Alyce herself cautions, this style is not appropriate for every setting (especially corporate or religious settings) and it can sometimes send a message that the wearer does not intend to send. It's often a style reserved for models or celebrities. But with all that being said, if this style is authentic to you, wearing it in conjunction with your Seasonal Line-of-Design is the key to wearing it well.

The Winter type will want a level of sophistication in their Allure, nothing cheap in fabric or design.

Whereas the Autumn Type will have a bit more edginess in their expression of the Alluring Style. Leather and Animal Prints are great choices for Autumn Allure.

An Alluring Spring Type will have a lighthearted touch in their approach to this style through embellishment, color or print

And a Summer Type will choose a softer approach to their Alluring Style with caressable fabrics and drape.

For most of us, the Alluring Style is best reserved for a date night. But a "hint" of allure could be part of your total style presentation. Is this your style? Do you have an Alluring outfit in your wardrobe?


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