• Joan Kosmachuk

Classic Elegant Style for Every Seasonal Type

"The Elegant Style projects a stately image and a refined look. Its classic styling appears cultured, dignified, polished and poised, and is executed with restraint and simplicity. Characterized by impeccable appearance, this style is softly tailored and is the most feminine and formal of the classic styles...it projects the feeling of wealth, position, status and prestige. " Style Source, p.64 Alyce Parsons

While most of us admire the Elegant style, few of us are willing to adopt it for ourselves because it requires a meticulous attention to detail including hair, skin, nails, make-up (one must be flawlessly presented) and it is expensive to both acquire and maintain this look. We see it beautifully displayed in Royalty, some Celebrities and many other women who hold prominent positions.

But if this is your style (or you'd like to give it a try) then here's how it might play out for your Seasonal Type.

The Winter type has an advantage in that they need expensive fabrics and well-designed clothing as a general rule, so it's an easy step up to a more elegant style.

An Elegant Summer Type may appear something like this.

An Elegant Spring Type will have an air of effortless elegance.

And an Elegant Autumn, well, she might look something like this.

So, is this your style? How do you express it for your Season?



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