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Dramatic Style For Every Seasonal Type

"Dramatic Style projects a powerful image and is characterized by a striking, bold, look....The entire appearance is exaggerated and severe creating the impression of an in-control, confident woman." The Style Source,p152, Alyce Parsons

The least approachable of all the styles, the Dramatic style is not the everyday choice of most women.

When I think of the Dramatic style, it's usually a Winter type that comes to mind first. Their dramatic coloring often lends itself to the Dramatic style better than any other Season.

But the Dramatic Autumn Type is no less awe-inspiring.

And the DramaticSummer Type, while a little softer, is still very dramatic.

Is there such a thing as a Dramatic Spring? Oh yes! There's still a certain playfulness to the drama but Charlize Theron and Lupita Nyong'o are two wonderful examples of a Dramatic Spring.

This is a wonderful style for those in the fashion world or theater but for most of us a small touch of drama in an outfit is more than enough. Maybe some oversized sunglasses, or an asymmetrical cape for those moments you want to sweep into a room with a dramatic flair. Of course wearing your dramatic color works too.

So, how do you incorporate Dramatic Style into your wardrobe?

This concludes our series on the 7 Universal Styles for Each Season. Did you find your style among them? Did we miss a style? Perhaps you are a blend of more than one of these, creating your own unique style.

Need help discovering the style that works best for your Seasonal type, Body Signature and Personality? Let's talk, I can help.



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