• Joan Kosmachuk

Dressing Au Naturel: In Your Seasonal Style

Some women today are opting for a Natural style -- wearing clothing made from natural fibers, eschewing hair dye, and often using minimal, if any, cosmetics.

This is an easier look to pull off for the very young but gets more challenging as you age. The challenge, of course, is to still look relevant and visible in a society that doesn't celebrate a Natural look.

If this is your preferred style, you'll find it easier to wear it well if you choose your clothing with Seasonal Line-of-Design in mind.

Springs will look best in crisp cottons, fine linen, raw silk/silk and lightweight woolen fabrics.

Autumn Types will look good in linen or hemp, hopsacking, heavy cotton, raw silk, grained and nubby handmade fabrics, wool and leather.

Summer Types will look great in the muted colors coming from natural dyes but will need to look for fabrics that are not too rough looking. Soft wools and felted fabrics, fine muslin and silks, finely woven organic cottons are all possible options. And your garments will still need a feminine look and feel to them.

And Winter Types will need high quality fabrics. Cashmere and Angora, and soft wool blends. Silks and finely woven cottons all in garments with clean lines.

It's important that you take good care of your hair, skin and nails to showcase your natural beauty at its very best.

And choose garments that enhance your natural Body Signature rather than detract from it.

As with all style choices, it will work best if it is an authentic outer expression of who you are on the inside. And also should be appropriate for your lifestyle.

Have you chosen a Natural Style? Where do you find your clothing?


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