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Body Signature Series: How To Choose Clothing Details That Relate To Your Bone Structure

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

There are two points to consider for knowing what scale of clothing details will work best for you. In this post we'll talk about the first of these, your bone structure.

The scale of your bone structure determines the appropriate scale of the construction details in your clothing such as buttons, collars, cuffs, ribbing and fringe.

When choosing the construction details of clothing for the top of your body, look at the scale of your wrists.​

  • If your wrist measurement is 5½ inches (14 cm) or less you have small or fine bones.

  • If your wrist measurement is 5½ – 6½ inches (14 – 16cm) you have medium bones.

  • If your wrist measurement is 6½ inches or larger (16 cm) you have large bones.

If you have small wrist bones, tops with smaller, finer detailing will be the most harmonious for you. Look for slender straps, tiny buttons or lace and fine seams.

If you have medium wrist bones, look for medium facings, buttons, stitching and trims to harmonize with your natural scale.

And larger scale facings, color bands, cuffs, buttons and trims will harmonize beautifully with larger scale wrists.

When dressing the lower half of your body, you'll want to match the scale of your ankle bones in stitching, details, trims and cuffs for the most balanced look.

This rule-of-thumb also applies to the scale of heels and details on your shoes.

As previously stated, choosing the scale in your clothing details that matches your own bone size will result in a look that is balanced and harmonious.

If your overall bone structure is larger or smaller than your wrists/ankles, you will want to match the apparent scale of your body as well as your wrist and ankle bones.

You may also opt to wear a larger scale than your own bone structure for dramatic effect, or you might choose multiple smaller scale details that together create a medium or large scale effect.

There are lots of ways you can have fun with breaking the rules of scale once you know what the ideal match is for your Body Signature.

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