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11 Boho Wardrobe Pieces For Women Over 40

Bohemian style, with all of its hippie vibe, seems to be here to stay. A client recently asked me if it was possible to still wear this style now that she is over the age of 40, without looking like she's stuck in the 70's. And the answer, of course, is yes.

This is a delightful style for women of any age or Seasonal type. You may not be Boho all the way, but the casual nature of Boho style means vacation and weekend wear is the perfect place to add a touch of it to your wardrobe.

However, as with all styles it is critical (especially as you age) that you work with your Seasonal Color & Style and your Body Signature.

The Boho look is characterized by colorful, organic, detailed folk-inspired pieces which make it perfect for those with a natural, creative, artistic style sense.

How can you wear it well over 40? To begin with, make sure you choose the pieces from the list below that are an authentic representation of your actual personality (not who you wish you were).

1. A Feminine, Flowy Dress.

A floral or print dress is a basic for the Boho wardrobe but a solid, ombre or tie-dye fabric can work also.

You can make any dress look a bit more Bohemian with some woven slides and a handbag in a natural color. Or top it with a fringed vest or embellished jacket.

2. A Peasant Blouse.

With or without embroidery, this blouse is the Boho-equivalent of the traditional button-down shirt so is a "must have" for any Bohemian wardrobe. Pair it with a skirt or pants.

3. Tiered, Ruffle or Flowy Skirts.

These can be mid-length or longer, patterned or plain. Paired with a peasant top, a simple Tank or T-shirt or sweater.

4. Embellished or Distressed Denim.

A well-fitting pair of flared jeans in a soft faded denim color is very west coast, very boho.

If a flared jean is not your best style, look for a denim in your best color and style that is embroidered, embellished, frayed or fringed.

5. Flared or Palazzo Pants.

Plain or patterned, in your best colors and patterns -- the pajama-like comfort of these pants simply can't be beat, but make sure they don't look like pajamas!

6. A Tunic.

Your Body signature will dictate the length, shape and pant pairing, but tunics can be another key staple in the Boho wardrobe.

7. Jackets.

Embroidered, embellished or printed, these can be added to any of your other pieces.

Choose the length and style that is most flattering for your Body Signature and a Style that expresses your Personality.

Kimonos, vests, denim and leather work too.

8. Accessories.

Ponchos, wraps, hats, and scarves, will complete your personal expression of a Boho style.

9. Jewelry.

Large pieces of handmade jewelry in natural materials like leather, turquoise, beads and precious stones will make great additions to your outfit.

Hoop or feather earrings, stacks of bracelets and rings and large, funky pendants are classic Boho. The more unique and artistic a piece is, the better. But do keep in mind your personal scale and ideal lengths and shapes for your jewelry.

10. Purses.

Think tassels, fringe and other embellishments as well as leather and woven textures for handbags and clutches.

Crocheted, or handcrafted bags with an ethnic vibe will work too.

11. Shoes.

Boho shoes might just be the easiest and most comfortable footwear out there.

They can be a quiet support like a Birkenstock sandal, suede ankle boot or espradille or they can be an embellished shoe that is the star of the show when paired with a simple dress, pant or skirt.

Don't be afraid of mixing and matching styles and colors since Boho style is eclectic -- but make sure they are all YOUR best colors/styles and that they allow you to be seen.

Are you drawn to this easy-going-yet-artistic, colorful style? Grab some colorful florals, long skirts, relaxed silhouettes. Add details like woven textures, exotic fabrics and embellishments, plentiful jewelry and colorful embroidery. And most important of all, add an open-minded attitude and creative spirit and you'll be ready to lead the Bohemian life no matter what age you are!

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