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Body Signature Series: 6 Tips For Dressing the Oval Body Shape

Do you have an Oval Body shape?

​You have an Oval Body Shape if:

  • You have the overall appearance of being round especially around the waist-line

  • Your waistline is undefined

  • Weight tends to form on the stomach

  • You have an average to large bust size

  • Your hips are wide

  • Your upper thighs are full

  • You may also have a full bottom or a flat bottom

This Body shape comes in all sizes, but some women only develop this shape later in life as they go through menopause and gain weight around their midsection.

As with every body shape, there are some general style guidelines that will help you to find clothing that will be most flattering for your figure.

I have 6 easy-to-follow tips. It all comes down to choosing the right lines.

1. Choose the Right Placement of Horizontal and Vertical Lines on the body:

Any Horizontal Lines should only be placed above or directly beneath your bust line. Avoid any horizontal lines across the mid-section.

Vertical lines can be used throughout your garments and will be especially flattering when positioned through your mid-section.

Diagonal lines can be flattering for your Body Shape as well, but be cautious as the placement of those diagonal lines needs to work with your Body shape, not against it.

2. Choose the Right Neckline.

The goal is to draw the eye up to your face, so a V-neck, sweetheart, off the shoulder, or diagonal neckline will show off your décolletage and be the most flattering.

3. Choose a Straight Line in your Pants.

Pants or jeans need to fall in a straight line from the hip and skim your waist. Straight, slightly flared or a narrow bootleg pant will be the most flattering on you. Avoid any pleats or pocket detail near the waist.

4. Choose the Right Lines in Your Jackets.

Jackets can play a significant role in shaping and slimming you. Worn open, a jacket can create 2 vertical lines.

Wearing a lighter, brighter or patterned jacket over a column of darker color can also create a more slimming look. But be careful that the contrast between jacket and column is no higher than your personal contrast.

5. Choose The Right Hemline.

Many Oval Shaped Women have slim legs and ankles. If this is you, choose your dress/skirt hemline to hit at or just below the knee. If you have a larger calve/ankle you may feel more comfortable wearing a full-length skirt or dress or a longer pant.

6. Avoid Panty Lines:

Choosing the Right undergarments is key to looking smart in your clothing. Make sure to choose a supportive bra and try

some comfortable shapewear to create a smooth line in your undergarments.

Need help choosing the best clothes for your complete Body Signature? Book my Style service which is available in person or online.


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