4 Style Bloggers With A "Spring" Style Aesthetic

In the Caygill Seasonal Color theory, the style recommendation for a woman who is a "Spring" type is described as needing a "buoyant" effect. It is often expressed through clothing that is bright, bold, carefree, casual, cheerful, classic, colorful, crisp, cute, creative, free-spirited, fun, playful, simple, sporty, vivid, vibrant, warm and whimsical. Yes it can be sophisticated and elegant too, but always in tandem with one of these other descriptors.

There are 4 style bloggers who I believe personify the Spring style aesthetic. I've no idea if any of these women have had a Caygill color analysis done but I've been following these 4 for awhile now because I am so impressed with their visual harmony. They may occasionally stretch the limit of what they could/should wear in terms of "best" color or style, but they always manage to maintain an authentic expression of themselves through the clothes they model. A rare feat in a world of chameleon style influencers.

Shauna, is a great example of a mature style influencer who knows herself and allows us to know her too through the way she expresses her personality through her style. Petite in stature, she packs a powerful punch of energy into her style vibe.

We can see her lively Spring personality shining through every buoyant, playful and colorful piece she wears. Shauna hopes to inspire others to be their best selves. She believes "we can all have such a profound affect on the world when we focus on being who we were created to be". I couldn't agree more! Shine on Shauna!

Nikki Garnett, MidLife Chic, has a very defined "Spring" style as well. Bright, vibrant colors and a mix of classic and trendy.

Worn with an air of simplicity and ease, her outfits speak to a refreshing & relaxed Spring vibe. Read her blog posts and the same bright and breezy style comes through her writing. Nikki, you glow girl!

Kristine says she has "learned throughout the years how to dress her frame in the most flattering ways possible". Clear colors, lovely curved lines and a touch of playfulness infuse her wardrobe with a happy Spring vibe.

Her seemingly effortless style reflects her positive and upbeat personality and message. Living proof that when you are aligned in your best colors & seasonal style you'll look fabulous no matter your dress size! Keep rocking your Spring style, Kristine!

Bibi Horst, The Chocolate Years, is living life to the fullest. She has that classic and carefree elegance that is so enviable in a Spring.

Whether it's a ruffle, fringe, bow, or Spring print, she expresses her lighthearted side in every outfit. I really want her wardrobe whenever she is done with it. Keep on inspiring us Bibi!

Do you relate to any of these "Spring" styles?

Are you familiar with other style bloggers or influencers who reference a "Spring" style? Be sure to share your favorites in the comments below.

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