A Color & Style Transformation -- for a Vibrant, Active Spring!

Eva is a beautiful, friendly, vibrant Spring who rarely sits still. Hiking, Biking, Running, Tennis, you name it, she does it. But when we first met, Eva's everyday wardrobe reflected nothing of her energy and zest for life.

When Eva moved from Uganda to the USA in the winter of 2017 it was cold and so she immediately went shopping for a warm jacket. All the warm jackets in store seemed to be black and most of her peers were wearing black, so she just started buying and wearing black jackets (a color she'd not worn before). But the effect of wearing so much black was that Eva's vibrant personality was no longer visible to others.

When Eva and I first met, she had never heard of Seasonal Color Analysis or the power of Visual Harmony. But she was intrigued by the idea. Eva was a tomboy growing up and that had defined her style. But she was reaching an age in her life and career where she wanted to appear more "grown up" without losing her sporty vibe.

Pairing black jackets with jeans and a t-shirt had become her everyday uniform. As she now describes it, her look was "ordinary and boring, like I didn't even try to dress up."

Watching the interaction of Eva's energy with the color swatches during her Seasonal Color Analysis was truly amazing. Her natural color harmony quickly reflected a vibrant palette with room for only a touch of black.

Eva was very surprised to see the array of vibrant colors and even more surprised to learn that she could wear 2 or even 3 of these colors together. Was that even fashionable she wondered? But she was eager to learn and booked a shopping trip with me immediately.

A sporty look is inherent to Eva's personality and active lifestyle. The goal of seasonal color & style is not to change you, but to guide you to step into your best expression of yourself.

There were many surprises in the fitting room as Eva learned to put her colors together. Her combinations are as energetic and vibrant as she is. Eva says, "Shopping was sumptuous. Joan really can find the cutest outfits in the shortest possible time. Pairing all the colors was something I didn't know but a skill I needed to learn."

Such a beautiful, vibrant young woman!

Eva loves wearing her new colors and style, although it is taking some time getting used to all the positive attention she gets. Much to her amazement colleagues have commented on how she looks " brighter and happier" and most people have told her how wonderful she looks when she wears her colors. The other day a young child, standing at the Bart station, told Eva that she liked her clothes. Eva is quickly becoming a mentor to others on the transformative power of Visual Harmony.

Now Eva's wardrobe reflects her vibrant personality!

Visual Harmony is the remarkable physical, emotional and psychological alignment of a person with their clothing. When it is achieved, visual harmony expresses the unique person from soul to sole. 

Do you need a little help with your color & style? What are you waiting for, book your appointment today.


Joan Kosmachuk

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