A Travel Wardrobe Guide For Wintry Destinations

With the Christmas Season close at hand, many of us will be packing our bags and heading off to a wintry destination to visit family or friends. This can be one of the most challenging destinations to pack for because, so often, our warm clothing is also the bulkiest competing for luggage space alongside Christmas gifts.

If this is your challenge too, here's my Wardrobe Guide (suitable regardless of your Seasonal type) to keep you cozy and warm.

1. Choose two to three colors for all your wardrobe pieces.

Using your Seasonal Color Palette, select two main colors and one additional accent color for your winter travel wardrobe.

2. Lay a Good Foundation:

A few pairs of thermal long underwear will provide you with a warm foundation and can also double as sleepwear. Choose color & neckline carefully to ensure that it works with the garments you will be wearing on top.

3. Choose your Footwear: A pair of boots will be a necessity so choose your favorite stylish and winterized boot or bootie. This will represent one of the two or three colors you've chosen or it could be your accent color. If you choose your hair color as your boot color it will co-ordinate with everything.

4. Add 2-3 lightweight sweaters. Cashmere, Merino, or any fine knit will keep you warm and cozy without adding a lot of extra bulk to your suitcase.

5. Add 2 bottoms of your choice based on your activities. Jeans, corduroy or a ponte knit pant will keep it casual or choose a velvet or silk pant for dressing it up.

5. Add one or two packable down vests and jackets. Packable down is so lightweight and compact you can afford to take a couple to add additional warmth and variety to your capsule wardrobe.

Finally, add some accessories such as gloves, hat, socks, belts and jewelry to complete your travel wardrobe and don't forget your undies!

And just like that you're packed and ready to roll. May your journey be a safe and colorful one this holiday season!

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